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          Keep on Improving Our Service
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          On June 22th, all of KERCO sales representatives participated in “Buyer inquiry analysis and practice”online class on Global Sources . The main topic was how to understand client's emails. In other words, the providers need to satisfy their customers better than before. The buyers hope we are professional, including focus on details、market knowledge、crisis management and so on.
          We know the commodity market is changing every day. Commission agents and wholesalers are looking for new products to occupy the market share. As a companion of our clients, we always focus on the change of market,such as the new design、new function、customized adapters. Even shorten lead time is also the important factor to attract and satisfy our customers.
          KRECO always keep on improving more and better service to the customers. Welcome all buyers from all over the world to give us suggestion.

          Carrie C


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